These videos are designed for elementary school kids in third and fourth grade. Sometimes we have a tutorial that a talented second grader would have fun trying.

  • Cezanne Inspired Tulips - Grades 3-4

    In this lesson you will learn to paint a vase of tulips, a still life inspired by the art of Paul Cezanne. Notice proportion, shape, form, shadows, highlights and composition while sketching, coloring and painting your rendition of the still life.

    Materials used:
    11 x 14 watercolor or multi medi...

  • Love Bird - Grades 3-4

    In this tutorial, we will create a love bird inspired by the work of contemporary artist Robin Mead. Learn about layering watercolors and printing using simple materials to create textures. Once dry, sketch and paint your bird and add additional elements to make it your own. The last step is to a...

  • Emperor Penguins - Grades 3-4

    In this lesson, we will be sketching and painting a family of Emperor Penguins.
    Learn about proportions while working on your sketch, shapes, lines and perspective.
    Learn to Paint in steps, using the wet-on-wet watercolor technique, and wet-on-dry.

    Materials used: 11 x 14 watercolor paper, penci...

  • David Hockney Watercolor Landscape - Grades 3-4

    In this tutorial we will paint a landscape inspired by the British artist David Hockney.
    We will look at a few of his paintings and in particular “Garrowby Hill”, painted in 1998.
    Learn about perspective, horizon line, texture, line and space related to a landscape. Notice his use of bright color...

  • Watercolor Turkey - Grades 3-4

    In this tutorial, you will learn to draw and paint a realistic looking turkey. Learn about space, line, shape and proportion as you sketch and outline the body of the turkey. Experiment with different watercolor techniques to give your turkey the illusion of volume and texture.

    Materials used: 1...

  • Día de los Muertos Pet - Grades 3-4

    In this lesson, you will make a painting of a pet for Día de los Muertos, the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead. In Mexico, those who passed away, including pets, are remembered on Día de los Muertos. This video shows how to paint a cat with a painted face and folklore details in his body....

  • Spooky Halloween Pumpkin - Grades 3-4

    In this art tutorial, you will have fun drawing a pumpkin with fun and spooky patterns in the background. Think about up 7 to 8 spooky Halloween patterns to fill each section of the background. Do you like candy corn, Halloween candy, spiders, ghosts, moons, thumb stones, pumpkins, moons, black c...

  • Pumpkin Truck - Grades 2-4

    In this tutorial, you swill sketch and paint your own “Pumpkin truck.” What will be the shape and color of your truck? Is it driving through a city or a flower field? Is it daytime or nighttime?
    Have fun with this fall watercolor artwork!

    Materials used:
    • A lid (for wheels)
    • 11 x 14 multi-medi...

  • The Day You Begin - Grades 2-4

  • John Galan Flowers - Grades 2-5

    In this tutorial we will draw our inspiration from John Galan’s flower mural.

    John Galan is a contemporary artist from Ventura, California. He painted this mural during the pandemic in the summer of 2020.

    “I am finally painting my emotions away:
    When you plant seed, be patient, they will...

  • Little Hedgehog - Grades 3-4

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to sketch and paint a little hedgehog on his way to a birthday party. Learn about space, texture, proportions and create a beautiful background for your little hedgehog.

    Materials used:
    9 x 12 watercolor or multimedia paper, pencil, eraser, ultra-fine point ...

  • Santa's Sleigh - Grades 3-4

    Learn to sketch Santa in his sleigh on Christmas night!
    Learn about proportions and space to sketch a realistic looking Santa.
    Color using oil pastels and paint your sky in watercolors using the wet-on-wet technique. Add salt for texture while your sky is still wet.

    Materials used:
    11 x 14 water...

  • Little Reindeer - Grades 3-4

    In this art tutorial, we will learn how to draw a little reindeer…color his nose red and make it into Rudolph? Add a sunset or a winter sky in the background? How about ornaments on its antlers?
    Sketch and learn about proportions and color your reindeer using oil pastels. He sky will be painted i...

  • Fox in the Mountains - Grades 3-4

    This lesson is inspired by the beautiful illustration in the book:
    “Waiting for Wolf” by Sandra Dieckmann.
    Learn about the different parts of a landscape while sketching and painting Fox in the Mountains.
    Add textures to give volume, depth and movement, shadows and highlights, and convey the ill...