These art tutorials offer a little more challenge for higher elementary school grades. You may find some videos in this collection that talented fourth-graders would find fun.

  • Autumn Still Life - Grades 5-6

    In this tutorial you will create a composition of an autumn still life. Observe different pumpkins and squash shapes before starting your pencil sketch. Learn how to overlap and sketch to create the illusion of roundness making your shapes look more 3D. Paint in layers using the wet on wet techni...

  • Gratitude Feathers - Grades 5-6

    In this video tutorial, we will create beautiful gratitude feathers. As we fill each section with patterns, reflect on the things that you are the most grateful for in your life.
    Write them in selected sections of your feathers, before you start coloring or painting the patterns. I am using water...

  • Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skull - Grades 5-6

    In this video tutorial, you will learn to draw and paint a sugar skull inspired by the Mexican tradition of Día de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.
    Learn about symmetry and space to draw the outline of your skull and add decorative details. Visualize what colors you will use before you start colo...

  • Haunted Houses - Grades 5-6

    In this video tutorial, you will draw and paint a haunted house using simple shapes and fun details. Learn about proportion, shapes, and lines to create your haunted house. Experiment with basic art materials and techniques to make your house stand out.

    Materials used:
    9 x 11 watercolor paper, f...

  • Abstract Name Designs - Grades 4-6

    In this tutorial, we will be inspired by the work of artist Joseph Amekdopo and create an abstract design that incorporates your name.

    Learn about line, repetition, patterns, balance using bright colors.

    Materials used:
    • pencil, eraser,
    • black sharpie
    • watercolors,
    • drawing or watercolor...

  • Robin Mead - Grades 4-6

    In this lesson we will draw and paint a watercolor landscape inspired by the art of Robin Mead, a contemporary watercolor artist.

    Think about what type of landscape you would like to create: Does it have mountains with flowers in the foreground; is it daytime or nighttime?

    Learn about how to st...

  • Sunset Watercolor Collage - Grades 4-6

    In this lesson, you will combine whimsical trees on a painted watercolor background, to create a forest in the fall. Learn about watercolor techniques to create washes, proportion and touch on the concept of atmospheric perspective. Combine a more traditional watercolor background with stylized t...