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New Videos

These are the most recent videos posted to Artstudio 4 Kids.

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New Videos


  • Paul Cezanne Overview

    This week's lessons are inspired by the work of Paul Cézanne, a French Impressionist artist.

  • Valentines Overview

    Here is an overview of three art projects with a Valentine's Day theme: for our K-2 artists, a Romero Britto inspired theme; for our 3-4 grade artists, a project inspired by Robin Mead; and finally, Heart Hands for our fifth and sixth graders.

  • Arctic Friends Overview

    This collection of videos focuses on our Arctic Friends: for grades K-2, a cute baby harp seal pup; for grades 3-4, a family of Emperor penguins; and for our fifth and sixth graders, a polar bear who gets a visit from his friend, a baby beluga.

  • Rainbow Llama - Grades K-2

    In this video tutorial, you will learn to sketch and paint a llama on a very colorful background. Learn about space, proportions, line, shape and colors.

    Materials used: 9 x 12 watercolor paper, pencil, eraser, black permanent fine sharpie, oil pastels, watercolors, large and medium brush and wa...

  • Fox in the Mountains - Grades 3-4

    This lesson is inspired by the beautiful illustration in the book:
    “Waiting for Wolf” by Sandra Dieckmann.
    Learn about the different parts of a landscape while sketching and painting Fox in the Mountains.
    Add textures to give volume, depth and movement, shadows and highlights, and convey the ill...

  • Watercolor Moonlight - Grades 5-6

    This tutorial is inspired by the art of Nikki Frumkin, a Seattle based plein-air artist.
    We will explore different watercolor techniques, learn about depth in a landscape ,creating shadows and highlights, proportions and texture.
    Nikki Frumkin’s website:

    Materials ...