These tutorials are designed for kids in kindergarten, first, and second grade. They will probably prove too challenging for pre-K students.

  • Baby Seal - Grades K-2

    In this tutorial we will learn about the Harp seal that lives in the Arctic region. The babies are white and are called pups. Sketch with pencil and add fur texture with your ultra-fine point sharpie.
    Learn about proportions, highlights, shadows and perspective.
    Paint using the wet-on-wet waterco...

  • Little Pear Tree - Grades K-2

    In this tutorial, we will make a fall watercolor painting of a little pear tree. Learn about warm colors and create a multimedia collage using a combination of oil pastels and watercolors.
    Learn about proportion, shapes, overlapping and ways to use watercolor and oil pastels together.

    Materials ...

  • Cardboard Rainbow Turkey - Grades K-2

    In this tutorial, we will make a cardboard turkey, using recycled materials and embellishments (optional). Learn about shape and lines when sketching the different parts of the turkey. Color it in your choice of colors: traditional or colorful. Cut it out and assemble your different parts before ...

  • Marigolds - Grades K-2

    In this simple lesson, we learn how to paint large marigolds or Zempasuchil, the flower used widely in Mexico, during celebrations of Día De los Muertos.
    One demo shows how to paint the marigold using tempera paints. The other demo shows how to paint the marigold using watercolors.

    Materials use...

  • Halloween Cat - Grades K-2

    In this lesson, we will have fun painting a cat on Halloween night. How will you draw his jack-o- lantern? Will you add a full moon or a crescent moon in your sky? Any bats or ghosts around?

    Materials used: watercolor paper 9 x 11, black sharpie, pencil, eraser, oil pastels, watercolors.

  • Happy Scarecrow - Grades K-2

    In this tutorial, you will paint a happy scarecrow and learn about outline, proportions, shapes and background. We will use the watercolor resist technique.

    Inspired by the children’s book The Scarecrow by Beth Ferry.

    Materials Used
    11 x 14 watercolor paper, Black fine point sharpie, oil pastel...

  • Whimsical Waves - Grades K-2

    In this art tutorial, the child artist will experiment with different lines and patterns to make an ocean of waves using cool colors. Learn about cool colors, lines, patterns, repetition. I will demonstrate two options for your painting: the first one uses a black sharpie and watercolors, the sec...

  • Alma Thomas - Grades K-2

    In this lesson we will get inspired by Alma Thomas’s art, to make colorful abstract paintings.

    Learn about cool and warn colors and experiment with tempera paint or watercolors to create your own interpretation.

    Materials used:
    • Drawing or watercolor paper (I used 12 x 12 and 9x 12)
    • Tempera...

  • Fantasy Owl - Grades K-2

    In this tutorial, we will draw and paint a whimsical owl. We look at 2 prints from the renamed artist John Audubon and observe differences and similarities between the different owls. Will your owl be realistic or whimsical, from your imagination?
    Learn about space and proportion, while you sketc...

  • Snowman - Grades K-2

    Do you want to build a snowman?
    In this whimsical holiday lesson, we will learn how to draw and paint a snowman. What type of hat will he wear? We will add a cardinal bird and presents for the holidays.
    Learn about blending oil pastels and the wet-on-wet watercolor technique for your background.

  • Holiday Stocking - Grades K-2

    In this tutorial, we will draw and paint a fun Xmas stocking. Learn about proportions, space, line, patterns, composition.
    Use a combination of oil pastels and watercolors and use trims to embellish (optional).

    Materials used:
    11 x 14 watercolor paper, pencil, eraser, black fine permanent sharpi...

  • Rainbow Llama - Grades K-2

    In this video tutorial, you will learn to sketch and paint a llama on a very colorful background. Learn about space, proportions, line, shape and colors.

    Materials used: 9 x 12 watercolor paper, pencil, eraser, black permanent fine sharpie, oil pastels, watercolors, large and medium brush and wa...